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Stan Wawrinka: 'It's a tough loss, it's never easy to lose the final'

Stan Wawrinka: 'It's a tough loss, it's never easy to lose the final'

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by Gatto Luigi

The funniest moment and at the same time the toughest one for Stan Wawrinka was the ceremony of the final lost to Roger Federer in Indian Wells. The World No. 3 cried and jokingly said: 'I would like to congratulate Roger.

He's laughing, he's an asshole. But that's ok'. What caused these tears? 'I don't know (smiling)', Wawrinka said in press conference. 'It's a tough loss. Probably a bit of everything but some tough match.

In a way, I'm really happy to make the final. It's a great result on that, but you always want more. And to lose a final, it's never easy. Had some really tough weeks, also, after Australian Open. I was injured. It was really tough for me.

Anyway, I'm really happy to be that quick at that level, but still lost the final. So it wasn't easy.' Seeing Federer very competitive at 35 age is surely inspiring for Stan. 'I think it's more positive.

That's mean you can still play your best tennis at that age. So it's something you can learn from, especially for me who is going to turn 32 in few days. So this is encouraging to see that. It's tough to lose against him.

But as many other player, he's the best player ever, so we all used to lose against him. I have beat him few times. I need to check on myself what can I change to play better against him? What can I do better? He's still a tough player to play for me, for my game, because he's playing quick.

He make you feel uncomfortable and he mix a lot. It's not the best game I like to play, but it's always challenging. On the tennis court, he's just amazing. The way he's playing is just so beautiful, is just so nice.

Everything looks perfect. He's moving amazingly well. He has amazing touch. He's doing -- he's doing everything you can do on the tennis court.' He has High motivations for the rest of the year: 'I hope I'm going to play better than last few years.

I want to play more, keep winning, keep playing better, but doesn't guarantee any result. I need to look what was good here, what was not that great in the final. I need to recover from the tournament. Leave as soon as possible for Miami and get ready and practice again for the next one.' ALSO READ: Robert Federer and the suggestion to his son Roger: 'HIT THE BACKHAND, DAMN IT!' .

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