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Stakhovsky: 'First round Grand Slam losers should get 100,000 euros'

Stakhovsky: 'First round Grand Slam losers should get 100,000 euros'

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by Gatto Luigi

Over the years Sergiy Stakhovsky got known among tennis media and fans also for his very honest and sometimes controversial sayings. In an interview to Sport Klub in Wimbledon, the Ukrainian tennis player spoke about one of the changes he would like to see in tennis.

'The prize money should be quadruple in all the tournaments, especially a successful tournament like Wimbledon. I think first-round Grand Slam losers should get 100.000 euros. If we want to keep tennis alive and compete with football, we need to attract younger people.

But when they see footballers get millions, also who sits on the bench, and tennis players earn money only when they are in the top 100, it's logical that they choose football', said the World No. 122. About playing Davis Cup final at a neutral venue, he added: 'It's an absolute catastrophe.

If I am not wrong, all the members of Player' Council said it wasn't a good decision because I think that playing at home is important for players and Davis Cup as competition. It doesn't matter what you have to do and which rules you should changes.

Until when the final is played at a neutral venue, is a total disaster.' ALSO READ: Gilles Simon strongly criticizes ITF: 'They don't listen to us' .

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