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Venus Williams: 'Not being fan of Roger Federer is uncool'

Venus Williams: 'Not being fan of Roger Federer is uncool'

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by Gatto Luigi

Venus Williams didn't want to speak a lot in her news conference after losing the Wimbledon for the fourth time on nine played. The American, who will come back in the top ten by next week, lost to Garbine Muguruza 7/5 6/0 and at the end of the match she said: 'She played really well.

I mean, she played top tennis, so I have to give her credit for just playing a better match. I've had a great two weeks. I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer.' Williams didn't convert two set points on 5-4 in the first set and then she lost all the remaining games of the match.

How did it happen? 'There's errors and you can't make them. You can't make them. I went for some big shots and they didn't land. Probably have to make less errors. I think she played amazing.

She played amazing.' The 37-year-old lost only one set, against Qiang Wang in the second round, en her route to the final. But she admitted that the tense match won against Johanna Konta by 6/4 6/2 influenced her: 'Every tournament is different.

Every tournament's different. This is most certainly a very different tournament. It took a lot of effort and what-have-you to get right here today. So this is where I want to be every single major.' She also spoke about her sister Serena in press conference: ‘Oh I miss you', Venus said.

'I try my best to do the same things you do but I think there will be other opportunities.' Venus also spoke about the Wimbledon men's final and admitted she will cheer for Federer: 'I've always been a Federer fan.

I think if you're not, it's kind of uncool.' ALSO READ: Federer: 'For a second I doubted I might never come back at Wimbledon' .

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