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Shapovalov: 'Federer is my idol, I am honoured that he watched my match'

Shapovalov: 'Federer is my idol, I am honoured that he watched my match'

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by Gatto Luigi

Denis Shapovalov was very humble and grateful in press conference after his win over Adrian Mannarino in Montreal. The 18-year-old was asked to comment on Roger Federer saying he watched the entire match played against Rafael Nadal.

Federer added Shapovalov has an extra gear. The Canadian was very emotional hearing it: 'First of all Roger watching my match, that's an honor for me. Roger is my hero. He's my idol. Just seeing him here in the locker rooms, like I said, I still get shellshocked.

To have him speak so highly of me, it's a huge honor. It's a huge confidence boost, you know, to have someone that's so good at the game say such nice words about my game.' With this result he will be No.

66 by next week. What does it mean in terms of changes? 'It's tough to think about that right now. I mean, I'm taking it one match at a time. Yeah, when I beat Rafa, I got top 100. Today, you know, I'm 66, like you said.

It's a lot of changes happening within a couple days. For now, I'm ranked 144, till the end of the week. Yeah, we'll plan after the event. It's going to be a little bit of a change now. Probably playing more ATPs, fewer challengers.

But yeah, I mean, I still have to discuss that with my team and my coach.' Shapovalov also revealed what he did just after his match against Nadal on Thursday night. 'After media, I can't even remember.

Well, I got a massage, worked with my physio and stuff. I went home, saw Felix. Everyone was waiting up. Nobody could sleep. Yeah, we chatted in the living room for a couple minutes. Tried to head to sleep around 1 a.m. Didn't sleep until 3.

Tried to put the phone down and go to bed. But, yeah, it was just like a little bit of a struggle. But, yeah, I found some sleep. I think I slept until 10 or 11, so I got some pretty good sleep. Yeah, we decided just to take it easy today since I was cramping a little bit yesterday.

It was just a draining match. So we took it easy. Like I said, I slept in. Had breakfast pretty late. Came here, had some lunch. Took another nap for an hour or so. I got my rest in. Then I had a light hit. I felt a little bit heavy on the legs, but I felt pretty good.

Then just got ready for the match.' In the last hours a video of a very young Shapovalov shaking hands to Nadal on court got so popular. About it, Shapovalov said: 'I didn't even remember that happened.

Well, I remember the day, right? But it just didn't come to my head until someone posted a picture. Yeah, I remember that day really well. Actually, me and Judd (phonetic), who is the other kid in the picture, were actually supposed to play for five minutes before the match.

Tursunov and I think it was James Blake, they took such a long time to finish the match, it was ridiculous, their match, so we didn't get a chance to play. I was a little bit bummed out because I thought Rafa was going to watch me play before his match, yeah.

Yeah, I mean, we got to take a picture with them, which was very cool for me.' .

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