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Denis Shapovalov: 'My whole life has changed'

Denis Shapovalov: 'My whole life has changed'

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by Gatto Luigi

Denis Shapovalov is still satisfied with his week in Montreal. After losing to Alexander Zverev by 6-4 7-5, the 18-year-old said: 'A lot of fun. Yeah, like, the media was putting, you know, it was a dream week for me.

Obviously I didn't expect it. Saved four match points the first round. Yeah, just played loose after that, just went with it. I mean, I beat one of my idols. So it's a dream come true for me this week. I just think I'm improving every week.

I'm playing a lot, but I'm also working a lot with Marty. This is still a transition year for me. I'm really trying to improve my game so that I can anchor myself in the top 50, top 20, top 10.' Revealing what he told Zverev and viceversa at the net, Shapovalov said: 'I congratulated him.

I wished him the best of luck for the finals. He replied by saying I'm doing really well this week, this season. He said, like, he mentioned that we have a rivalry starting. This is the first of many. Yeah, I mean, I agree. If I can keep working hard, you know, just have a good mindset, you know, I feel like I'm able to compete with these guys.' It's still an amazing result for Shapovalov: 'Yeah, I don't even think I realize it yet.

I mean, it's a huge jump from 144 to 67. My whole life has changed in the past five days. It's crazy how it is. I mean, I go from being not known to, you know, being so known in the tennis world, in Canada in general.

It's going to be a little bit of a change to me. I'm going to have to adapt. But that doesn't change things. Still have to work really hard. Yeah, just keep working hard every day.' .

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