Marin Cilic: 'I am very confident I will play ATP Finals'

Marin Cilic: 'I am very confident I will play ATP Finals'

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Marin Cilic reached his first Shanghai semifinal beating Albert Ramos by 6-3 6-4. Here below highlights of the Croatian player's press conference. When you lost the break in the second set, you looked pretty angry at yourself.

How did you just finish it up, finding back the focus? 'I felt that was -- you know, those few games, even before I broke him, they were quite crucial. I would say actually first game of the second set I had break points and didn't convert and I made that break.

I just wanted to keep going to make that gap, not to give him many chances to get back, and I lost that serve. Didn't play good game. Didn't serve that well in that game. So I was a little bit angry with myself just with not keeping up with good tennis at that moment.

I also didn't want to get into the situation where I'm just becoming a little bit more sluggish, a little bit more slower. What I tried to do was to keep going with my own game but to be alert for next chances. Luckily I played really well that game on the return, and after that game was new balls, as well, so that helped a lot to serve out the match.' You talked a lot about consistency this year and you're putting together a nice run this week.

What factors do you feel are contributing to that, to your good run this week? 'I think overall that, you know, my team has worked really well in all parts of my game just to bring it up to the nice level that I can keep it up throughout every single week.

I got to understand also all the things that we were working on. They are quite clear for me, and I also am a little bit more consistent this year in serving performances. I'm, you know, winning quite a lot of service games and a lot of matches.

I'm leaving the match either not broken or broken only once. So that's something very valuable for me. Overall, when I'm playing well, I'm going to give myself a lot of chances on the returns. I'm keeping that pressure all the time on the guys, and, you know, it pays off in the end.' You look in pretty good shape for London.

What do you plan from here to there? I mean, if you win here this week, you qualify. Is that right? If you make the final here? What other tournaments are you planning to play? 'I'm playing Basel and Paris.

I played that last year, too. I like conditions also in Basel. It's indoors, and I won it there last year. So I'm going to play it no matter what here and play Paris and London' And your confidence for qualifying London again? Are you confident for qualifying for London again? 'Yes, I am.

I'm very confident. I mean, mathematically there is obviously chances that I can be bumped out if I don't win, for example, tomorrow, but overall I'm playing well. And also, the guys behind me haven't performed as well in these last few weeks.

So I'm quite confident that I'm going to be there.' ALSO READ: Fabio Fognini gets conditional suspension for 2 Grand Slams .