Ashleigh Barty: 'One day maybe I can lift a Grand Slam trophy'

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Ashleigh Barty: 'One day maybe I can lift a Grand Slam trophy'

Evonne Goolagong Cawley has predicted a great future for her compatriot Australian Ashleigh Barty, who won Newcombe Medal just a few weeks ago. 'When I watch Ash play now, it makes me want to play again,' Goolagong, a 13-time Grand Slam winner, said, as recognized by Daily Telegraph. 'She has all the skills of becoming a real champion.

She has the hands and she has the power too, as well as a volley and a big serve. I watch her and I think, ‘wow that must feel good.' Cawley also said, 'The way she is going now, it (a Grand Slam title) is possible one day – it seems like a lot of the other players are nervous about playing Ash these days.

That’s a good sign. She looks so professional, so calm and settles her mind after each shot. Just seeing her play recently on television, when she came back from playing cricket, she’s has come a long way. I’ve noticed on court she’s really happy to be back in the sport.’ About these statements, Barty said, 'That’s amazing to hear of those very kind words coming from legends like Newk and Evonne.

One day maybe I can lift a Grand Slam trophy – we’ll see. It (a top-10 ranking) is very close, but it’s about consolidating next year and staying inside the top-20.’ ALSO READ: 'I am afraid I have Lendl's syndrome': 16-year-old Rafa Nadal on his fears .