Boris Becker: 'We underestimate Federer, Nadal's qualities as players'

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Boris Becker: 'We underestimate Federer, Nadal's qualities as players'

Boris Becker had an Interesting interview with Marca to speak about the upcoming Australian Open, and on other subjects.

When asked who was his favorite to win the title? 'I think [Roger] Federer. He is the defending champion and had an unbelievable season in 2017. Among women, I don't see a clear favourite.' Asked if he was surprised that Federer and Rafael Nadal are still fighting for the world no.

1 ranking, Becker replied: 'A year ago, it would be a great surprise, but I think we underestimate their qualities as tennis players, but especially their passion and love for the game. With all the titles and earnings, they keep fighting at the highest level for the love and passion they feel towards tennis.' Can Novak Djokovic be the world No.

1 again? 'Novak is 30, so he has enough time to do it. You need to see how [his] body reacts. The elbow injury he dealt with was [huge], not a minor thing.' Interviewed by Reuters, Becker also spoke about women's tennis: 'I think there is a real opportunity for the next superstar.

It’s not clear cut. (Simona) Halep is number one at the moment but we have four or five different girls. It’s just that there is no one dominating, but it’s up to them. I could mention 10 names who could win the Australian Open, that’s good and that’s bad.

I think the sport needs a strong rivalry because that’s good for fans. But the women’s game doesn’t have that at the moment.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova to help with Australian Open draw .