Andy Murray: ´From the defeats in Grand Slam finals I have learned a lot´

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Andy Murray: ´From the defeats in Grand Slam finals I have learned a lot´

Andy Murray talked about his performance so far at the U.S. Open in "The INFOSPORT." "In Slams I have played well in the last period of my career. I know that I will be judged for my performance in the Majors, in Masters 1000s no matter how many I have won.

Federer is playing for the 34th quarter-final in a row in a Slam and it is an incredible record and difficult, it is nice to have such a continuity. With Lendl we talked a lot about my losses in the finals of the Slam but this year, in Australia and Wimbledon, I really learned a lot.

Victory at the Olympics has confirmed that there I played against the best and then it comes to making the right choices for my physical and mental health: for example, I was wrong to go to Toronto, I should have prepared better for Cincinnati.

There are many events during the closing season and it is difficult to maintain physical and mental freshness.” “With Raonic I played my best game in this tournament, I had to be very solid. Milos will continue to grow and the next time he will be even more difficult to beat.

However, I am satisfied of my improvements to the serve, from this point of view, the U.S. Open has not started very well, but I have a lot of confidence and now it is important to stay focused." .