TENNIS - Maria Sharapova: ´If I lived in Rome I would be overweight´

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TENNIS - Maria Sharapova: ´If I lived in Rome I would be overweight´

Tennis - Maria Sharapova, busy in Rome with the Italian Open, opened herself to the microphones of the journalists, showing a certain kindness. "Luckily I'm here to work, otherwise I would be overweight and in red: this city is very dangerous for the food and the pocket! There are several places where I like to have dessert and creme pastries.

You have to be careful!". She also talked about her father: "We hear from each other almost every day or almost, he is involved in every aspect of my life, he knows my play better than anyone else. But now he is spending a holiday time.

He says he is training to compete at Senior Olympic Games as skier." To conclude she talked about the initiative of Mahesh Bhupathi, who wants to organize a big Asian event with the best of the world in the off-season: "I heard something about it, even if I don't know the details.

Many events are moving on this direction. It's great to bring tennis in new cities, but I won't be involved in it. I could play a couple matches, but no more. The season is long and I need to recover. One of the reason for which I was always succesful in my carer it's the capacity to understand what my body needed to be always prepared." .