Marcelo Rios expecting triplets

Marcelo Rios expecting triplets

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Former world No. 1 Marcelo Rios is expecting triplets by the end of the year. At the ATP Champions Tour senior event in Santiago, Rios, who already has three daughters, talked about playing tennis after the back injury that forced his retirement from the ATP tour and his burgeoning family: “It’s been a long time that I didn’t play at all and it’s always fun to play in Chile.

Flying and being away is tough with my family so being here, playing so close to my home is really nice…That (having triplets) is one of the reasons that it has been more difficult to concentrate on tennis! My wife is already 26-weeks pregnant and you have triplets at about 32 weeks so she’s pretty big right now.

And I already have three kids, so I have a big family and soon it will be very big. It’s very exciting and once they’re here it will be a lot of fun. I always wanted a big family…I’ve been not feeling that good physically over the past two years.

I’ve had back surgery and it’s been pretty tough for me. They told me I wouldn’t be able to play tennis again. I’ve just been trying to do my best to be able to get back on the court.”… .