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Amelie Mauresmo insists she is not reliving her past through Andy Murray

Amelie Mauresmo insists she is not reliving her past through Andy Murray

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by Ammad Raja

Roland Garros had never been much of a lucky venue for Amelie Mauresmo who despite her accolades and win in other grand slams – was never able to win the elusive French Open.

In over 15 years, playing in front of her home crowd, the furthest Mauresmo was able to go was the quarterfinal twice in her time and that was about it. On the other hand, Andy Murray is heading into the French Open with the best clay form of his life and his past record at the tournament is not that bad.

In 8 visits, he has managed to make to the semifinal twice only to find Rafael Nadal standing in his way. But now things are different, the Scott comes to Paris having not lost in his last 10 matches and on the back of 2 title runs on clay, Munich and Madrid.

However, Mauresmo revealed in a recent interview that although she would love for Murray to go further in the tournament but she is not living her life through him. “For myself, yes, it was frustrating,” Mauresmo said.

“For Andy, I hope not. To be honest, that’s what you guys might say. It’s not about me, to be very honest. I would be happy for him to win it; I would be happy for him to win any of the grand slams, basically, so definitely it’s not about me on this one.”
In just under a year, the Mauresmo seems to have found a way to get Murray playing to the best of his potential and the awards are reaping.

So if Muaresmo is unable to return soon as she takes a break after Paris in order to give birth would be devastating but however, Jonas Bjorkman’s arrival has also been fruitful. .

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