Jurgen Melzer Targets to Come Back in Time for Wimbledon Qualifying Event

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Jurgen Melzer Targets to Come Back in Time for Wimbledon Qualifying Event

Tennis - Former Top 10 player Jurgen Melzer says he is hoping to be back from his injury lay-off in time for the Wimbledon qualifying event. The Austrian will turn 35 years old later this month and is currently ranked 181st in the world but has not played since the US Open last September due to a shoulder injury.

In an interview with Noe.orf.at, Melzer trained with the football club ATSV Sparta German-Wagram during his injury lay-off as he wanted some variety in his training. "I had a lot of time with the shoulder injury and wanted to make my workout more interesting.

That's why I asked the manager if I could do a little bit more interesting exercises. For me it was important to get a bit of variety in the training and the rehab everyday. You get up in the morning and can look forward to something that has been missing".

That reminds me of football has helped, because you have again a focus there. It's just not always only upward." Speaking about his younger brother Gerald, who is ranked 127 in the world, Jurgen says, "We once had a tournament match, where we had to play against each other.

That was probably the worst day of our tennis life, because you just do not want to fight your own brother. I'm not sure if he wanted to beat me that day. I won the match. Hopefully we will never have to come back to the situation." Melzer also spoke about his love life.

"I'm in love, very much with the former swimmer Fabienne Nadarajah. We are fine. I can not complain. She has helped me lately a lot through the injury. It is extremely important to have someone who can empathize with that too, when you have so much time to think, as I had now.

If you've got someone who strengthens your back and is there for you, which of course is very nice." Also Read: Melzer Says He Wants to Decide When to Retire and Not Let his Body Decide .