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Finn Tearney reveals he was kidnapped and threatened in Shanghai

Finn Tearney reveals he was kidnapped and threatened in Shanghai

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by Gatto Luigi

World No 362 Finn Tearney has openly spoken about a sad incident happeneed during a Challenger tournament last year. The New Zealand’s No.1 player said he was kidnapped while he was looking for a place to eat in the city with a friend.

They were stopped by a group of men who claimed to be members of the Chinese Mafia and asked them for some money. Tearney was forced to spend NZ $1100: “I was absolutely petrified´, Tearney said to Fairfax media. ´I was wearing a white shirt and I was completely drenched.

It was one of the first times in my life I felt like I had no control. We couldn’t get out. There were too many of them. Basically, they told us, "Give us the money".´ Tearney and his friend faced a serious risk of death: ´They had some weapons.

It was horrendous. I never want to be in that position again.´ In the end Tearney was able to get his money back after informing tournament officials, who contacted the police station. However this sad episode did not prevent him from playing in China again: he already played three Futures event this year.

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