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Nine people have been arrested at Wimbledon

Nine people have been arrested at Wimbledon

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by Gatto Luigi

It has been two intense weeks at Wimbledon not only for players and media but also for security staff. They deal with terrorist attacks alert thanks to armed officers and dogs that were ready to warn of danger. Nine people have been arrested at the All England Club, which is a record for a tournament that every year hosts 500,000 spectators.

Money laundering, racial offences and shoplifting have been some of the reasons why so many people have been caught by police. Someone also had class A drugs on her person, which were found when checking bags. Three people have been arrested as they owned knives.

A tense enviroment was definitely there, but it could be also worse considering what happened in Europe and London recently. Speaking about the security level around All England Club, the Metropolitan Police superintendent Jo Edwards said, '(The blockers) have been put in based on recommendations of the security services for obvious reasons because of recent terrorist attacks.' The tournament director Richard Lewis said, 'We have taken into account the threat level and those awful terrorist attacks that have taken place, and as a result, we have put together a proportionate policing plan with a significant number of resources to support the club to deliver a really safe secure competition this year.' ALSO READ: Federer: 'For a second I doubted I might never come back at Wimbledon' .

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