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The fantastic run of Venus Williams at the Championships

The fantastic run of Venus Williams at the Championships

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"I feel definitely very comfortable here. I like the surface...I only get to play on grass once a year...", Venus Williams had said at the beginning of the Wimbledon Championships. But there was no anticipating what the end would be like and that's why the tennis community packed into Centre Court to see the performance.

It was Williams who came onto the court seeming a bit more relaxed after going through tough personal issues with a damaging car accident, a death and then Serena not being there because of her pregnancy. Garbine Muguruza looked quite serious upon entry onto the court.

The big sister of Serena looked confident as though she knew she 'had this', but it turned out to be a dream for one and a nightmare for the other. The first set Venus Williams was true to form and led in every game.

She was the aggressor and enjoyed it. Muguruza was always trying to catch up, always down a break, but keeping her 'game face' on. Then something happened. The games were tied 5-all then 6-5 with Muguruza leading in the set with the score 40-15 in the Spaniard's favor.

It seemed like a snap of a finger and a click of Muguruza's heels that she had that one point and won the first set 7-5. But the unforced errors became Venus' enemy and before long too many of her shots were missing their marks being long-behind the baseline, wide, in the alley or simply fell into the net.

It could be seen that Venus would shake her head in disbelief of her losing control of her strokes as Muguruza became more consistent and aggressive. It appeared that she was having a practice session with Williams during the second and deciding set.

As Muguruza became solid and strong, Williams' game had become unglued; her fans had seen Muguruza carve out a lead that started increasing from 3-0 and then 4-0. There were many worried and upset faces in the crowd as the last year runner-up at Wimbledon was going down the path of becoming an overall winner.

Muguruza became fearless and made her shots sting the veteran who wasn't used to being the underdog on any court surface. The scoreboard glared at 5-0 and then 40-0 in games. There was a short rally and Williams had smashed a shot across the court which Muguruza wasn't going to tolerate as being 'in'.

She'd put up her finger for a challenge and as the entire stadium watched the huge screen to see the hawkeye's trail of the ball, it was about 2 inches out. Muguruza gave a less than screaming yell and covered her face in happiness but disbelief.

She had won on 'a challenge'; and as for Williams, the veteran that's usually on the other side of the happiness, she'd put her head down and slowly walked to the middle of the court to shake hands with Muguruza, the winner of the 2017 Wimbledon Ladies Championships.

The dream had ended for Willliams who couldn't hold the victories together to win the Championship, but for Muguruza the dream had just begun to be the 2nd Spaniard to have ever won Wimbledon in its history, joining her substitute coach Conchita Martinez in the Spanish history books as the 2nd Spanish person and woman to win the All-England Club title 7-5, 6-0.

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