Will the NextGen's Golden Boy, Alex Zverev regain energy for the US Open?

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Will the NextGen's Golden Boy, Alex Zverev regain energy for the US Open?

He has a father Alex Sr. that was in the game and an older brother Mischa who is on tour and now himself. He started off having great potential and this year especially he was doing excellent with winning titles. He won the Open Sud de France over Richard Gasquet, the BMW Open from Guido Pella, the Italian Open disrupting Novak Djokovic's game in straight sets to win the title.

He put his racquet to the motion and defeated Kevin Anderson at the Citi Open. But it was his fans' joy when he defeated Roger Federer to win the Rogers Cup in straight sets working his magic one corner of the court to the other and literally putting on a great performance out there.

But wait, 'Sasha' as he is nicknamed is only 20 years old and has accomplished so much at an early age. The Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati came and mentally he was enthusiastic but his physical stamina was slowly lacking the sparks when he played his first round with another Next Gen guy Frances Tiafoe.

Zverev remembers and tells the media of tennisnow.com that "I'm completely dead right now...I have been dead for the past two days. I mean, I finished the match...I'm not going to retire just because I'm tired..." He had a 10-match winning streak and Tiafoe another strong, determined NextGen came along and destroyed his game style and plan.

Zverev has the ability for sure of going far in the US Open since the barriers that had once forbidden him from professionally moving forward as top rated players as Novak Djokovic, Kei Nishikori, Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray are out now from withdrawals due to injuries.

Zverev is now up to his sixth title and realizes that he is extremely lucky and talented on acquiring the titles. It's very easy to overdue things when you have a passion for the sport and also do it well but sometimes enough is really enough.

"I just played, what 12 matches in a two-week span?" He is questioning his abilities on what he just accomplished. But much of the hype of Zverev also comes from the fans and tennis community. It's fun and easy to go to a winner's match but putting a player on a pedestal comes with high psychological prices for the player and the fans.

Zverev has admitted that "I'm not a machine..."and Tiafoe is running on his superior gifted tennis skills also and tries to stay focused, not taking things for granted on his win over his German comrade. Everyone is preparing for the last grand slam of the season -- The US Open and Zverev knows he has to get a break.

He admittedly says "I'm going to take three, four days off and play a little bit of golf or go to the beach, something like that. Not touch the tennis racquet". This may be what he really needs and to recharge his body to do well for the last slam and events that will follow until the end of the year.