Is Svitolina becoming a major competitive threat on the WTA tour?

Is Svitolina becoming a major competitive threat on the WTA tour?

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"I was very, very tired after the first game of the first set. And I knew that I needed to give everything because Caroline doesn't miss much...Emotionally I was relieved...", Svitolina had said after winning the Rogers Cup title over Caroline Wozniacki.

It was her second success over the Dane who usually puts forth a very tough fight. Svitolina gets on the court and is not to be denied a success, a win no matter how difficult the match or how tired she is and was on that finally dry day after hours of delays at the Rogers Cup in Toronto.

She played her quarterfinal on Saturday, dismantling Garbine Muguruza's game and it wasn't long before she'd have to play second-seeded Simona Halep all due to the rain that wasn't kind to her ability to get sleep or have her gameplay in a fiery mode.

Svitolina also used her clever court strategies and mostly instinct to overpower ninth-seeded Venus Williams in the third round in the process of getting that Canadian crown. She acknowledged that she had good luck at the Toronto tournament saying "I think this was a great tournament for me.

I beat four really good players. It was a very, very special week for me". But Elina Svitolina has had many special and great weeks and she's becoming a highly competitive player that her female comrades must be aware of and a bit anxious about playing.

She is no pushover and proves it every time she steps on the court. The draw has been quite nice to her also in giving her many of the same players over and over, whom she not only has the chance to learn their game style, but if she's not successful first, then she'll surely give them headaches and come out most times with the victory at the second chance.

Svitolina has the knack of feeding off of her opponent's poor shot constructions or unforced errors and then overpowering them with a great play to win the rally, set or round. Svitolina's comrades know that they have to bring their game to perfection when playing her and Garbine Muguruza now ranked no.

2 in the world has had her situations with the Ukraine and lost to her twice: once at the Italian Open and then at the Rogers Cup from three times playing opposite her. She wasn't able to get by Madison Keys though at the fourth round of the 2017 US Open when the American pulled out all the tricks to defeat Svitolina.

Keys was happy to say that "It means the world to me to make the quarterfinals...I'm really proud of myself for digging deep and figuring out that tonight". Madison Keys is one of the rare people able to defeat Svitolina but a recurring wrist ailment has hampered her and she is currently out of action, left to get therapy and figure out how her next season's schedule will go.

Meanwhile, Svitolina bounces on, playing aggressively and winning matches. She says about her game that "I'm proud the way I handled the pressure", on her action over the Czech Karolina Pliskova during the Italian Open when she'd finally defeated her.

The last four meetings Svitolina had with Pliskova brought about unsuccessful results. But at the Ukraine's maiden presence - The Hong Kong Open has proven victorious already as she took a bit over 90 minutes to get pass Zarina Diyas to prance to the second round of the new venue for her.

She gets to play for the first time American Nicole Gibbs as her next opponent and as every WTA player knows, Elina Svitolina is nothing to take lightly and bringing your best game is the requirement for having an upper hand and racket head against her.