Wrist contusion for del Potro: 'I hope to play against Roger Federer'

Wrist contusion for del Potro: 'I hope to play against Roger Federer'

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Juan Martin del Potro had a bad fall during the fifth game of his third set quarter-finals match against Victor Troicki. The Argentine player hurt his left wrist, that went through three surgeries in the past. Just after the match won, in press conference he said: 'Well, I don't know how is my wrist.

After I fell down, I put my wrist and I felt something wrong in that moment, but I continued to play, just playing slices just to try to finish the match. But now is time to see what the MRI and the studies says and also what the doctor says.

I'm little worried, but I know to deal with all of these things, as has been true in the past. I will see what the doctors say now, and then we will take a decision for tomorrow. Of course I would like to play.

I would like to be 100%. But we will see in a moment what's happen.' Considering what happened, though, how proud are you with the resilience you showed to actually come through the match and get the win? 'Well, of course I'm glad to reach semifinals in this tournament, but to be honest now, as I say always, the health is the first of all of my life, and I have been dealing with all my injuries in the past, and now is time to take care of my body, see what the MRI say or what the doctor says.

But if nothing dangerous happen, I will be here for play tomorrow and doing my best.' Are you in a lot of pain right now? 'Yes, I have a little pain, but is not more than the match, which could be a good signal.

But I will go to the hospital right now after here, and then we will see what's happen.' His agent Jorge Viale gave an update about del Potro's condition: 'Following the medical examination in Shanghai, it was determinated that Juan Martin suffered a wrist contusion.

More serious problems were ruled out. The doctours put a splint to immobilize the wrist. Tomorrow morning, Juan Martin will decide whether he plays the semifinal in Shanghai.'