Wimbledon and World Cup final likely to coincide

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Wimbledon and World Cup final likely to coincide

For the first time ever, there are many chances that Wimbledon and football World Cup finals will coincide. On Sunday, July 15, the last round of the men's singles Championships match will start at 2:00 PM local, and exactly two hours after, at 4:00 PM UK time, the World Cup final will begin.

The two matches will clash unless tennis match lasts less than an hour and 50 minutes. As the kick-off time for the football final was announced already two years ago, in December 2015, Wimbledon was asked to bring the final forward an hour, at 1:00 PM, but they seem to be going to decline it.

'The men’s final will be scheduled at 2 pm as per normal', an All England Club spokesman told The Times. In Great Britain, Wimbledon final is expected to be broadcasted on BBC Two, while World Cup final on BBC One.

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