Judy Murray wins lifetime achievement award

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Judy Murray wins lifetime achievement award

Judy Murray got a very important reward this week on Monday at the BT Action Woman gala. The British tennis coach and Andy, Jamie's mother got the Lifetime Achievement award at the BT Action Woman gala, and despite the strong emotions, she stayed with feet on the ground during speech.

'I know I'm quite old, but I don't feel over the hill', said Judy, who is playing a big role in promoting tennis in Great Britain, especially on the female side as there aren't many younger girls playing tennis.

'I do what I love and I love what I do', added Judy, who also was the British Team Fed Cup captain. 'I will continue to work hard to try to grow my sport.' A few weeks ago, she suggested ATP Calendar should be shorter in order to let players be injury-free.

'The men's Tour is extremely tiring and long, with best of five sets matches in Grand Slams and Davis Cup, which takes a lot physically and mentally. It's necessary to change and review the calendar because last year Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have been away for several months and this year many top ten players weren't able to play from US Open,' Judy said.

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