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Tennis community reacts to Osama´s death

Tennis community reacts to Osama´s death

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by Prakash

The world is abuzz with the death of Osama Bin Laden and here are some of the reactions from the tennis community courtesy Twitter Rohan Bopanna - The Prince got married and now Osama is Dead. Real life Disney. Andy Roddick - Words cannot do justice to the amount of thanks we should bestow upon those whose life mission it is to keep the world safe.

Thank you Mahesh Bhupathi - Maybe the really high walls near the military base were invisible??? Mahesh Bhupathi - Took ten years for the best intelligence in the World to find him,cant fault a third world country for not knowing he was in their backyard! Mahesh Bhupathi - Hmmmm they showed us Saddam's body on the news, so why not show Osama's before disposing it in the Ocean?? Katie O'Brien - Osama's dead at long last! Mardy Fish - Proud to be an American right now...

Judy Murray - The PM obviously got up in a hurry this morning. No time to fix his hair. Lisa Raymond - Waking up to the amazing news and seeing the videos and pics from NYC-incredible sites. Thank you troops!!!!! Mahesh Bhupathi - Have they verified its actually his Body? I think all governments should call for an International Holiday!! Jimmy Connors - Way to go #USA armed forces! You make us all proud!! Brooklyn Decker - To the troops: You are heroes and we will forever be grateful.

I am proud to be an American. Very moved. #UnitedWeStand Justin Gimelstob - the overall feeling after hearing the news of Bin Laden's death, CLOSURE, when TRUMP verifies the lifeless body I'll feel even better! #fb Amer Delic - Hearing about the news that #OsamaBinLaden is dead.

Great. What do we do now?


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