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McEnroe protege earns a name at the Orange Bowl

McEnroe protege earns a name at the Orange Bowl

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by Prakash

The tennis world is missing the likes of John McEnroe who made people sit up and take notice with his deft hands and brash temper. Now one of his proteges is making waves at the Orange Bowl Tennis Championships in the United States.

The Orange Bowl is one of the biggest junior events in the world outside of the four junior grand slams and thats where 15 year old Jessica Golovin made her big mark on Tuesday. Golovin trains at McEnroe's tennis academy in New York.

The 15 year old is not a regular baseline basher, preferring to use a wicked slice to outfox her oppoents. On Tuesday, Golovin upset the top seed Johnnise Renaud 7-6 (0), 1-6, 6-3. Golovin also shower her fiery temper during her win, drawing comparisons with McEnroe.

Speaking to the Sun Sentinel, Golovin commented, "I've always had that [fire] since I started playing. I have that in me. It's always great to have variety in girls tennis because most girls hit with a lot of power, so it's good to mix it up.

People say it's like I'm chopping vegetables.'' Renaud commented, "This is only my second tournament on clay all year. It's abnormal to play someone with so much slice, but I got beat and have to adjust.'' .

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