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How to Watch The Ball in Tennis

How to Watch The Ball in Tennis

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by Federico Coppini

I'm super excited because this video just may be the answer you've been searching for to stop shanking the ball and consistently hit clean, powerful shots.

I've taken a ton of lessons in my nearly 20 years being absolutely obsessed with tennis. Some were life-changing lessons with Master coaches... ...and some were counter-productive that just confused the hell out of me! (Maybe you've had this experience) But one thing just about every good coach agreed on was you have to WATCH the ball.

Makes sense, right? ... but only a few of them actually talked about HOW to watch the ball. It's just something we are supposed to know. So to end the confusion, I put together this video, that walks you through the process of how to watch the ball correctly so you can reduce unforced errors and consistently hit the ball cleanly, and powerfully.

Hint: The answer is NOT to keep "Laser Focus on the Ball the entire time" fact that will screw you up more than you can imagine. You can check out the video right here... it will play automatically. Enjoy! Talk soon, FEDERICO .

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