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Do you want EASY power on your serve?

Do you want EASY power on your serve?

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by Federico Coppini

Hope you're doing great! I was itching to play some tennis on my vacation in the Philippines so I decided to mosey out and fortunately found some guys that were playing on clay... So I waltzed up there (unfortunately not knowing any tagalog other than "thank you" and "let's eat") and asked with hand gestures if I could get in there and play a set with them...

They were super welcoming and cool as I've learned most Filipinos are. There was one guy in particular in his 60s they called "Attorney" who was the top dog... He smiled and said "Sure"... I didn't bring my rackets, so he gave me a racket, offered me some Champurrado (this yummy chocolate rice soup) and we joked around and talked while waiting to get on the court.

While almost all of the guys had serves that were pretty slow and were clearly "just trying to get it in"... Attorney had a pretty good serve (over 100 mph with accuracy)... And the differences were easy to see...

Rather than ramble on about it in this email, I made a video for you that shows you exactly how he (and all great servers) does it in 3 simple steps.

You can watch it here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This training reveals: - 3 of the most important secrets to generating effortless power on your serve.

- How YOU can crack 100 mph on your serve, even if you're over 60. (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with strength). - How to generate pace without "swinging harder". .

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