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The Importance Of A Good Start

The Importance Of A Good Start

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by Federico Coppini

Many people believe that getting off to a good start in a tennis match is half the battle.
​However, is it true that a bad start cannot easily be overcome? Start with a break Let's start with the classic example: you have lost the coin toss, and your opponent has chosen to serve first.

So, we are going to respond. Many club players, unlike professionals, do not know that this early in the match is a critical time and that you must immediately put pressure on your opponent, hopefully breaking his serve immediately.
You must always go into each match with this mentality, knowing that if you get off to a fast start you will give yourself a significant advantage.

Well begun is half done, as the saying goes.
And it is very true. Of course, it is possible that an opponent might recover from a poor start and still win the match.
But, it is still crucial to start well, playing an aggressive and solid style.
This will put your opponent on the back foot from the start.

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