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How Wawrinka had a panic attack and won the US Open

How Wawrinka had a panic attack and won the US Open

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by Federico Coppini

We tend to believe that if we can control our inner life - meaning our thoughts, feelings and emotions - then we have the opportunity to perform well. We tend to believe that if we think positively, we will be able to deal with cheaters, if we are high in self-confidence, we can use our forehand aggressively as a weapon, and if we have the perfect tension level, we can stay close to the baseline and take away time from our opponent.

There is absolutely no doubt that when you are having positive thoughts and emotions, it is easier to perform well. But there are two reasons why you cannot depend on having the right emotions and thoughts while performing First of all, thoughts and feelings are not easily controllable.

Second, you will use a lot of energy simply trying to reshape the thoughts and feelings. In the following paragraph, you will see how 3-time Grand Slam Winner Stanislas Wawrinka describes the time right before he went out on court for the US Open Final and beat the World No.

1 Novak Djokovic to secure his 3rd Grand Slam Title. Continue Reading .

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