3 TIPS for improving your serve (VIDEOS)

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3 TIPS for improving your serve (VIDEOS)

We all know the serve is the most important shot in tennis. Because it's the only stroke you have complete control over. And the foundation of ALL great serves is a great ball toss.
The problem is, a lot of player's ball tosses are wildly inconsistent.

This makes it impossible to develop a consistent serve, let alone a weapon. In this video, you will learn a technique that I call "Inch by Inch" that will literally correct your serve toss in under 5 minutes. It works because of the progression that allows you to gradually increase the height of your toss while keeping the trajectory and the accuracy intact.

Watch this video practice the "Inch by Inch" technique... and your toss will be rock-solid forever. The 3 Key Secrets for Big Time Power In this video, Ramon teaches you the 3 most important fundamentals to develop big time serve power.

Most rec players try to get their power by "muscling up" and "swinging harder" It's even worse when you hear some coaches say "get racket head speed"... Without a clear explanation of HOW this racket speed is created...

all sorts of bad things can happen (including injuries). Luckily in this video, you'll learn the 3 most important secrets to developing big time power on your serve, effortlessly. How to Use Your Legs on The Serve! In this video, Ramon will show you what NOT to do, and then what TO do to get the MOST POWER with the LEAST EFFORT.

You'll learn the difference between the tinman, pandemonium, squat and thrust, and the best approach of them all for MAXIMUM POWER and EFFICIENCY on your kick serve or any other serve for that matter.. .