TENNIS - Play away

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TENNIS - Play away

I am going to tell you a story about my first encounter with a very special tactic. The year was 1992, and I was in Rome to attend a course for coaches at Italian Tennis Federation. At that time (today it seems to me that the criteria are a little different), all or most of the course participants had to be (or have been) players in Series B in order to be admitted to the course.

Between us, we knew each other a little, because we played at least once in the various tournaments, and being more active players, at the end of the lessons we started training in anticipation of the Competitions Team.

In my group that year there was a player from Genoa, who was classified B1, and from whom I learned quite a bit as far as tactics go. At first, I struggled to understand how he could have been rated so highly while having so few technical skills.

The person in question was rather short, with a low center of gravity. He was very mobile on the court, but technically he was very poor. His groundstrokes had a lot of topspin, but there was little power and therefore his shots lacked weight.

His serve wasn’t very good either, and his volleys and smash almost non-existent. Sure, he was a good competitor, but was that enough? READ THE ARTICLE Chat soon Federico .