The Davis Cup Trophy Tour: Pitstops In Bedford and Luton

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The Davis Cup Trophy Tour: Pitstops In Bedford and Luton

As part of the Davis Cup Trophy tour brought together by the LTA, tennis fans in Bedfordshire will now have a chance to get a glimpse of the trophy which the entire Great Britain team had worked so hard to achieve.

Stops at Bedford and Luton have been added to the list of places the tour is going to as the LTA look to use the trophy as a symbol that will serve as an inspiration for the younger generations and to thank the tennis community of the United Kingdom.

The LTA Chief, Michael Downey has called it a once in a lifetime opportunity for tennis fans as they look to step ahead and build a legacy. "The Davis Cup win is one many will remember for the rest of their lives and is a key vehicle that can drive interest in our sport.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire and captivate a nation and we want to use this trophy tour to bring more children and adults into our great sport and thank the tennis community for believing we could do it." It had been a 79 year wait for Great Britain until an Andy Murray inspired team brought together a dream which had been deemed impossible in the past.

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