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Andy Murray: ´I tried free-gluten diet, but I had No Energy´

Andy Murray: ´I tried free-gluten diet, but I had No Energy´

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by Gatto Luigi

The key to beat Novak Djokovic and maybe become World No. 1? Do like Novak Djokovic does! That's what Andy Murray tried a while back. He followed for a while the free-gluten diet, like Djokovic has been doing since 2010, his secret that explains why he's where he is now.

But Andy did not get the same results: 'I dropped like 5kg in the space of a few weeks, and had no energy - he told Men's Tennis Health Magazine - The only thing that helped was sleep but I think that was simply because I was so tired.

I slept really well, but I couldn’t play tennis like that. I just didn’t have enough energy, I struggled.' He struggled to keep his body weight after his back surgery in 2013 too: 'When I don’t do anything, I drop weight, because I don’t have as much of an appetite.

When I started training again, I put on quite a lot. Anyway, now it’s fine. My body fat is around nine or 10 per cent. It’s what I want.' His back issues (now apparently solved) influence him not only on the weight but in the preparation too: 'I don’t run much now. I stopped after the problems with my back.

After my surgery I did more cardio work on the court. Gyrotonics has made a huge difference to my life, actually.' Quotes recognized by Daily Mail ALSO READ: Marion Bartoli Criticizes Caroline Garcia: ´She doesn´t have a Game Plan´ .

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