Oliver Golding offered €2,000 to fix match

Oliver Golding offered €2,000 to fix match

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British tennis player Oliver Golding wasn't interested in fixing a match a couple of years ago.

The 2011 US Open Juniors champion was offered €2,000 to fix his match at an ITF Futures event in Greece.

Former tennis player Alexandros Jakupovic hoped Golding would accept to lose the first and then beat him.

Golding, 24, kept himself out of any illegal actions and contacted the Tennis Integrity Unit.

Jakupovic, who was found guilty of multiple illegal activities,  was banned for life.

Golding believes he wasn't backed up enough by the TIU and doubts he would report someone again.

"You hear about these sort of things happening and you"re aware it is a problem but it wasn't a situation I'd found myself in before," Golding told ITN News.

"I've never been questioned by lawyers in my life," Golding claimed. "I almost felt a little bit guilty for reporting him. There is a problem in tennis and it does need to be stamped out, so I'm sure I did the right thing but it is a tough process to go through.

"If it happened again it would be in the back of my mind, 'God, I've got to go through this again' which I don’t think anybody really wants to do."

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