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Novak Djokovic helped Wimbledon staff in covering courts after practising

Novak Djokovic helped Wimbledon staff in covering courts after practising

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by Talha Asif

Tennis: Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is the highest ranked tennis player in the world but he is a down to earth person as he did not feel any shame in helping grounds men in covering courts after practicing on Sunday. The Serbian player uploaded a number of pictures from his twitter account, in which he could be seen pulling the covers with the boys.

Djokovic wrote, “These guys are doing amazing job and I wanted to join them :) I was the last one to practice today, so I helped cover the courts.” The 26-year-old is often criticized for his strong emotions during or at the end of the matches, like breaking rackets are tearing apart his shirts but he is actually a nice guy like his more accomplished rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic reached London on Sunday and went to practice on the grass courts of Wimbledon in the evening. He decided against participating in any warm event before Wimbledon, so he has more time to relax and practice at the All England Club.

The Serbian star, who was beaten by Nadal in the semi-finals of French Open almost two backs ago, will be trying to win his second Wimbledon title and seventh Grand Slam overall. He defeated Nadal to win his first title at the All England Club two years ago but was overcome by Federer in the semi-final last year.

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