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Rafael Nadal takes limelight off from Novak Djokovic´s achievement

Rafael Nadal takes limelight off from Novak Djokovic´s achievement

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by Talha Asif

Tennis: Novak Djokovic has become just the ninth male player in the history of tennis to keep the number one ranking for at least 100 weeks but the news which is more popular these days is that Rafael Nadal is just one or two weeks away from regaining top ranking.

Djokovic has been world number one player most of the time during the last two years. He is certain to make it 101 weeks and equal eight times Grand Slam winner Andre Agassi’s mark as rankings are updated on Monday.

However, the fun will begin when Nada will start in the China Open with a chance to stop the Serb from joining him at seventh place in the list of players with most weeks as world number one by reaching the final of that ATP World Tour 500 hard court event in Beijing.

Nadal did not play first Grand Slam of the season, the Australian Open, and lost in the first round of Wimbledon but he performed so well in the other 12 events he took part that he is now just 260 ranking points behind the Serb, who had around 6000 point lead over his main rival when the Spaniard made a comeback from seven month injury break.

Djokovic won China Open last year so he will be defending all of the 500 points. This means he won’t add any points even if he wins the title but Nadal would not be defending any points as he did not take part in this event during last season.

So even if he reaches the final he will add 300 points to his total and surpass the Serb to become world number one. Then Nadal will increase his lead over Djokovic in the coming weeks as he will only add to his total but the Serbian will have to defend a mountain of points till the end of season.

With his current for, if Nadal remains fit till the end of the season, he has a chance to finish this season with a record total of ranking points. Interesting this trend will not stop at the end of this season as Nadal did not take part in the Australian open either.

The Spaniard is expected to take a huge lead over Djokovic till the end of first Grand Slam of next season.

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