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Is Maria Sharapova pregnant?

Is Maria Sharapova pregnant?

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by Federico Coppini

The forfeit to Istambul’s Master could not be due to the problems at her right shoulder that have been annoying her for months. Indeed Maria Sharapova would be pregnant, up to what reported by Russian and Bulgarian media, that are spreading the news.

The Russian was seen in an obstetrician Clinique of Los Angeles in ordinary role, with black glasses but anyway recognized by workers and patients. To confirm what for now would be just a rumor, also a source very close to the two who would have revealed not just the good news but also other details: the Siberian was seen in a restaurant on the 15th of October with Dimitrov and at the cheers moment she drank just water instead of wine, accusing some nausea.

Strange if you think that one of her favourite traditions is to celebrate drinking: “a good glass of wine”. One of Sharapova’s spokesperson commented: “I don’t want to talk about Maria’s private life” without confirming nor denying.

This would be the motivation that led Dimitrov into breaking the work deal with Stockholm’s Academy, to move in the city of angels. A good news for their private life, but from a career aspect it would be a really heavy weight on the, already hurting, shoulders of Maria.


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