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ATP - Darren Cahill to wear a kilt if Murray makes Aussie final

ATP - Darren Cahill to wear a kilt if Murray makes Aussie final

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by Prakash

ESPN commentator and acclaimed tennis coach Darren Cahill has made a bet with Andy Murray's mother and Romanian tennis player Sorana Cirstea that he will wear a kilt if Murray makes the final of the Australian Open in January.

The kilt is the traditional skirt worn by Scottish men. Below is the Twitter exchange between the three. Sorana Cirstea
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @darren_cahill ! Fed ex or dhl,what do u prefer?:D p.s.this year u are gonna eat it instead of wear it:)

judy murray
@sorana_cirstea thanks for the heads up….u reckon @darren_cahill would suit a kilt? I think he has the legs for it!
Sorana Cirstea
@judmoo @darren_cahill I'm definatlly on the same page with u Judy.A kilt would rock with those catwalk legs,tie and adi shoes #fashionicon

Darren Cahill
@judmoo @sorana_cirstea ooh, not a good look for me Judy.

Used to be called lucky legs.. lucky they don't snap & go straight up my clacker!
Darren Cahill
Ok @judmoo. If Muzza makes the final of the Australian Open, I'll wear a kilt all final Sunday. You supply it though.

Darren Cahill
broken into a sweat, good lord RT @judmoo ok we have a deal. I'll supply the kilt and @sorana_cirstea will administer the leg wax!?
Sorana Cirstea
Gosh got myself into heavy stuff with u 2 @judmoo @darren_cahill So before i agree to this can i suggest a Gillete razor???

Sorana Cirstea
@judmoo @darren_cahill Dont remember ever being so excited for a Slam as i am now for Aus Open!but dont think u have the guts for it Darren

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