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Rafael Nadal: ´Retirement doesn´t scare me, I have nothing to prove´

Rafael Nadal: ´Retirement doesn´t scare me, I have nothing to prove´

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by Gatto Luigi

Interviewed by El Espanol, Rafa Nadal talked about the work he is currently doing so as to overcome the difficulties he has and he expessed his views about retirement and ending his career in the future. Does retirement scare him? 'No, not at all.

Tennis is a part of my life, it has been a very important part for many years, but I have the luck to have a life that is much more than tennis. I am not scared for what happens next. I am a person with interests. There are things that motivate me and they go beyond the sport; things that make me happy.

I am not afraid of the date of the retirement, it does not deprive me to love what I do. So I will make sure that my retirement will be as late as possible.' Asked on how will things be on that moment, he said: 'I play to be at the highest positions in the rankings, not to think when my retirement will come.

I do not think about it. I live day by day, I live the moment. I cannot predict the future. I do not know nor how nor when it will be. I don't know if I will come back home because things have not gone well in Melbourne and I have to prepare myself for the clay (he is likely to play in Buenos Aires; surely in Rio de Janeiro).' Has he ever thought to retire? 'If what I do does not make me happy, I will retire.

I don't have to show anything. At the moment, this makes me happy and I will continue until it makes me happy. If I am fifth, tenth or 100th in the World and I am happy, I'll keep going. If I am World No. 1 and I am not happy, the moment to say goodbye and to do another thing will come.

Thanks to God, and because of it I am very lucky, I am able to see why my life is so lucky.' Toni Nadal: ´One of the biggest disappointments we have ever had.

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