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Toni Nadal: ´If I weren´t his uncle, Rafa would have substituted me. About Federer...´

Toni Nadal: ´If I weren´t his uncle, Rafa would have substituted me. About Federer...´

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by Gatto Luigi

Toni Nadal spoke in Buenos Aires about many interesting aspects, and revealed a shocker about his collaboration with Rafa. 'I had the luck to be his uncle, changing coach was much more difficult.

If I were not his uncle probably he would have substituted me,' said Toni, who alternates with second coach Francis Roig during tournaments. 'I didn't take (the best out of) Rafael, he only did it. In tennis, it's the player who makes the coach and not vice versa'.

At 12, probably pushed by Toni, Rafa decided to focus on tennis even though he'd always liked football more than tennis all his life. Toni also admitted that he would like to see his nephew hitting his forehand like how Roger Federer does. 'I would have liked to see him hitting his forehand forward, we have done it when he was little. But when we started to play in the Professional Tour, Rafael started to hit ball a little bit later, and started to bring the hand behind.

Without any doubt, I like who hits like Federer,' Toni said. For Toni, without hard work, one cannot do anything: 'You teach (someone to) will the same way you teach forehand. I think the main thing in life is sheer willpower.

I was a coach, who was more worried about character than a tecnical question. In life, character is fundamental, because at the end making the ball pass over the net is unimportant in life, but dominating will, (taking) effort, and having perseverance in what you do has value.' Story by Marca. ALSO READ: ATP BUENOS AIRES & MEMPHIS: Dominic Thiem saves match point to scrapes past Nadal .

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