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by Federico Coppini

John McCririck went down hard, describing Andy Murray as "the only Brit who he would not want to see win." In an interview with the Sun, the famous journalist, commentator on horse racing and former star of a season of Big Brother, has made a lucid and poignant admission and discussed what he feels are the flaws that affect the sporting personality of the current number three ranked player on the ATP Tour.

To define John McCririck as an outspoken individual is definitely an understatement. What he thinks he says. With the same touch he has expressed his judgments of Andy Murray, for which he has some great esteem, as he defines him as "surly, unpleasant, irritating and self-obsessed." In a nutshell he finds him unpleasant, especially for anti-patriotism, which he displayed on the occasion of the World Cup of soccer, after admitting he plans to support "anyone but England". John McCririck is Scottish through and through, and proud of his Scottish heritage, yet he fiercely railed against Andy Murray: "He personifies the anti-English, unpleasant side of the Scottish character.” Pretending to be a braveheart is a cloak that Andy Murray wears just to try to attract sympathy, because, "When you show up for what he really is, it turns out that he’s self-obsessed, one that devotes his attention only to himself and his career.

But above all, he is an intolerant towards others.” "We are all patriotic and I always want to see Scotland win. But there is no doubt that there are bands of Scots who do not want to lose to England." In Scotland John McCririck has a large following and his position is recognized by the public, so that his position on the low, even absent, patriotism Andy Murray could have consequences in the future even unpleasant for the tennis player of Dunblane, in Perthshire.

To understand the extent, just think that for this topic Andy Murray received a series of threatening anonymous letters. McCririck points out that his complaints are in no way anti-Scottish, or rather indicates his Scottish heritage as evidence satisfied exclaiming: "I come from the clan McIntosh.

We chased the British from Aberdeen in 1271. I was there when it happened! " McCririck can not escape from addressing also the issue of money, using it to show that, even in this case, Andy Murray is a sinister individualist: “When you think of the millions spent on his PR, he’s told to go on and try to be a warm human being.

He isn’t. How many coaches has he sacked? He must be very unpleasant to work with.” Murray, in short, is more than just unpleasant, almost contemptible according to the journalist who, at the moment, does not seem to have noticed that Murray has now started to become a beloved player on the tennis court, after raising his eyes to heaven and stretching out his arms towards the sky after several infamous victories in recent months.

On this topic nullifying the wonderful Rino Tommasi, met by the writer a few days ago, he annotated smiling slyly: "It 's possible to believe of it. After all, in England who wins Wimbledon becomes Pope. " .

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