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Rafael Nadal: ´This injury will extend my career ´

Rafael Nadal: ´This injury will extend my career ´

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by Federico Coppini

Rafa Nadal appeared on the Spanish TV program El Hormiguero, and answered some very interesting questions. On the role of Uncle Toni, he said: "My uncle helped me in a decisive way in everything I've done in my career, when I had to endure all kinds of pressure he has played a decisive role.

Already as a child helped me to level up and my relationship with him has always been excellent. First of all, however, is my uncle, then my coach."
 On his difficult relationship with French people: "I feel loved by the French, in the street they show their affection, but when I go on the field, things change a bit ...

but overall I can’t speak bad of them. Humour okay, laugh at yourself is a good thing, but distort reality with Guignols not, in a sector such as sports that do not know. It was also the fault of the Spanish media, have given too much prominence." The present moment: "Injuries are part of the game ...

It's a little better now, my staff helps me a lot. Gradually I'm recovering, it is true, the recovery period was a little slow, but I can’t resist and continue the recovery to return as soon as possible. Things have gone well in the past, why it shouldn’t work this time? Pause I'm doing has certainly been very bad for me, having lost events such as the Olympics and the U.S.

Open, but it is an experience that will be useful and will help me to prolong my career. My goal is to get to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and I will get there. " "Tennis is a sport made of mistakes, if you commit one must think of the next step, a moment can be crucial," Nadal added. "Having opponents of the caliber of Federer, Djokovic, Murray and Ferrer make you “push” more." Of course (laughs) it would be better not to have them in front, but on the other hand is good because they force you to improve yourself more and more every day.

"Continuing in this line, the Spanish” said he had a good relationship with them, and returning to the past recalls: "When I lost the second Wimbledon final was a “mess”. I did not know if I had another chance, but I had a good tournament and lost to what is arguably the best player in tennis history." .

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