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Davis Cup - Marco Chiudinelli says Roger Federer should play more Davis Cup

Davis Cup - Marco Chiudinelli says Roger Federer should play more Davis Cup

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by Prakash

Tennis - Roger Federer, the 17 time grand slam champion and often regarded as the greatest player of all time, has often been criticized for his lack of committment to the Davis Cup - one of the oldest and most historic events in all of sports.

Federer has often chosen to keep the Davis Cup off his schedule which means Switzerland has never done well in the competition inspite of the presence of Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka in the top 20 for many many years.

Now, his good friend and sometimes Davis Cup teammate Marco Chiudinelli has also come out and said that he would like Federer to play the annual team compeition more often. Speaking to ESPN Deportes, Chiudinelli commented, "Obviously everyone on the team, including myself, are disappointed that he does not help us more often in these early rounds.

He played last year. And it doesn’t mean that just because he plays, we will win every time. We’ve lost series with him in the team. We lost against Czech Republic in 2007 with Roger. We lost last year against the United States, at home, with Roger.

It’s not a guarantee of success with [Roger]. But obviously we have more chances if he’s with us. “I always regret that he is not playing more. Everyone on the team regrets it. But there is nothing we can do about it….[But] he’s always honest about his decisions.

We know a few months in advance. There has never been much room for discussion.” Switzerland were beaten by the Czech Republic in the first round this year in February and now need to beat Ecuador in the World Group play-offs in September in order to retain their place in the 16 nation World Group for 2014.


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