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Li Na reacts to appearing on TIME magazine cover

Li Na reacts to appearing on TIME magazine cover

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by Prakash

Tennis - Chinal's Li Na was the talk of the tennis world last week when she was chosen to appear on the cover of TIME magazine's issue of 100 most influential people in the world. The Chinese world no. 5 has become a superstar in China and across the world following her French Open win in 2011 - the first singles title to be won by an Asian, and her charming interviews on the court and in the press room.

Li Na is in Stuttgart this week for the WTA Porsche Grand Prix and during a meeting with the media, she commented on her reaction to the honour of appearing on the cover of TIME magazine. "I was so excited when I saw the photo.

I was like, 'Who's that? I think I know that girl!' But it was pretty cool. Of course it's so exciting they chose me. It's always nice to help tennis in China in any way I can, and tennis is going very well right now in China.

When I first started playing my goal was just to be the national champion because it was hard to get information from the rest of the world - but now they show matches on television almost every week and the children know the sport.

People see the matches on TV and know more about us, so more kids will want to be tennis players." Tennis is China has exploded since Li Na's French Open win with an estimated 15 million people now playing the sport in China.


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