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Western Forehand Grip



.You can find this grip by turning your hand clockwise (bringing your knuckles down), and positioning the "V" at the bottom right side corner (Figure) of the handle.


Advantages Of This Grip


With this extreme grip you can generate a great amount of topspin, which gives a lot of weight to your shots.

The impact zone is rather far out in front of the body – even more so than the other grips we have mentioned so far.

This grip is particularly favoured by clay court specialists. .

Disadvantages Of This Grip

With this grip it is very difficult to play flat shots.

Also, if you mistimed it even slightly the ball will land quite short, giving your opponent an opportunity to attack.

The extreme position of the hand on the handle also makes it tough to change grips quickly.

Also, it is very difficult to do anything with low balls using this grip.