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Two-handed Backhand Grip: First type


The two-handed backhand has become more and more common over the years.

Nowadays, it is the type of backhand used by most pros, especially among the women.

Personally, I encourage the use of this backhand for beginners. It is a lot easier to control shots, especially at difficult heights, when compared to the single-hander.

Also, the single-hander requires more arm strength, which most beginners don’t have.


There are two common grips used for the two-handed backhand. We will now look at the first kind.  

Right hand – Continental Left hand – Eastern  

Advantages of this grip

Using this type of grip allows for a very compact movement of the torso, which helps you to impart extra power on the shot.

With this grip, the impact with the ball happens in line with the shoulder.

However, with some practice you can hit the ball further in front of you as well.

This gives the shot great versatility, though if you hit the ball out in front of you remember to keep your elbows slightly bent and close to your chest.

Disdvantages of this grip

It is hard to hit a shot with a lot of topspin using this grip.

You can still generate topspin by using your wrists effectively, but this is something only professionals or vey advanced amateurs can comfortably do.