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How to quiet the voices during a match


We've all been there. Out there on the court... we miss an easy shot... and we walk back to the baseline with 1000 things going on inside our head. "Bend your knees" "Watch the Ball" "Hit the Ball Early" " Keep Your Head Still" on and on and on... In Tennis, the mental game is really the most important part (in a completely even matchup, skillwise... the player with the better mental game will most likely destroy his/her "equal". It's ultimately what decides if we play well that day or if we don't. It can be the source of tremendous confidence... or absolute fear and anxiety. But how do you win this mental game? IN this video, you'll learn about a framework that has allowed me to step on to the tennis court... ALWAYS have a great time... and always play the best I can play in that moment.



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