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As a Man Thinkith


As a man thinketh...that’s the title of a very thought provoking book by James Allen, you can buy it in any book store for less than $5, yet the information in it is worth untold benefits, both monetarily and personally. How you choose to apply the concepts depicted are up to you. Since my instruction is about hitting a tennis ball into a predetermined spot at just the right speed to cause your opponent to not return it, making you a winner…. let’s talk about how your mind can complete this goal.

Here's a very important concept: “Thoughts are THINGS”, yet nobody really grasps the concept that what you think, and how you think, can actually shape your immediate and future reality. You might say, “Yea, yea, I know I should be more positive, look on the positive side of events, and situations”, and you really do try to be that way, until the teeter-totter of events begins to slide in a direction away from what you had planned. Then the real test of how your thoughts exert pressure on the actual situation at hand will begin to play out.

Here is an excerpt from the book:


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