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You’re probably asking yourself right now, “Did I just read that title right?” Yes it said fear of winning. By now your thought of running to the copy machine to bump off a few copies of this article has just quickly subsided, and you’re wondering if you can hit the wastebasket with it from where you’re sitting. But, before you do that, do this. Go back to in your history to a time when it looked like there was no possible way you could lose in one kind of a competition or another. Here we’re not talking only about tennis, but any and all, of the competitions that stand out in your life. These could be on the field of competitive sports battles, pool room or the board room, the living room, the locker room, or anywhere when your quickness of thought, muscle, action or reaction was required. In this instance you even perceived the competition as "Unworthy" of even being out there with you. You were a sure thing, but something happened...you lost! There was no possible way (in your mind) that you could lose or come close to losing to the competitive field in front of you, but still when the final points were tallied, the votes were in, the score was added up, someone else was number one! If that sounds like you at some point in your life, don’t throw this article away just yet!

You MAY have been the victim of being afraid to win. Yes, the fear of winning is a true reality for all of us who haven’t established our crown of prowess and achievement in the face of pressure, and it still lurks in the minds of the established champions just as much as the “Newbe”. OK, now that you know about the fear of winning you probably are wondering just how this can happen? Let’s examine some of the reasons why you can be afraid of winning.  



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