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How You can REALLY Serve Like Roger Federer


In this video, I walk you through the first phase of Roger Federer's serve to point out the techniques and elements you can copy to get immediate results in your serve.

Here are the few aspects to consider

1. Stance- Roger starts in a platform stance with his feet apart, giving him great balance.

2. Ball Toss Hold- Federer holds the ball mainly with his finger tips with a relaxed, straight left arm.

3. Ball Toss Coil- During the toss, federer begins to coil his body by rotating his hips away from the court, creating tension in the stretch shortening cycle, that will be released into the ball for effortless power.

4. Ball Toss Release Point- This happens at about eye level.

5. Coordination of Hitting Hand- HIs hitting hand comes up together with his tossing hand. Some servers have a delayed hitting arm... but this is easier to coordinate.

6. Hitting Hand Palm Down- During the loading phase of the serve, Roger's hitting palm is "rounded" and his palm is facing down, until he reaches the trophy position.

7. Coil- Roger coils his body by bending his knees, rotating his hips away from the court, and sloping his shoulder while keeping his head up.

This creates maximum tension and will be a great source of kinetic energy being transferred out of the racket into the ball.