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Commit To Living Your Dream!


Today I want to talk to you about what it takes to change your life and produce greater results. I don’t know where you are right now but I would venture to guess that you’re probably not succeeding at the level that you think you could or should. I don’t know if you’re stuck in a dead-end job that you don’t like – where work is a task and a chore that you do just to get by – or whether you’re stuck in a situation where you started a business and you’re struggling to make that business succeed or whether you have a dream in your heart but you don’t know what to do to turn it into reality and make it happen. Maybe it’s about a relationship that isn’t working for you or you feel like you can’t attract your ideal relationship. Or maybe for you it’s about improving your level of health and increasing your energy, or losing weight permanently and creating the body that you want. Or maybe it’s a lack of fulfilment that so many people are suffering from, they may even have success on the outside but they still feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or frustrated inside. Life itself has become a chore as opposed to being an exhilarating adventure of realising your true potential and living the life you desire – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

You see, most people explain away their lack of success by saying things like, “This can’t be done”, “Be realistic”, “It wasn’t meant to be”, “I’m too old to do this…”, “You gotta pay the bills…” A lot of time people feel stuck in their life, they feel like they don’t have a choice in terms of going out and making their dream happen. When you give up on your dreams, you are killing off your soul! Most people are dead at 30, buried at 70! They say, “I would if I could but I have these obligations, I couldn’t possibly make money and follow my dreams.” People have all sorts of limiting beliefs that stop them from really living their dream and being who they are. And sometimes these beliefs are so repressed that we’re not even aware of the fact that we’ve got them. Now, over the last 12 years my obsession has been about seeking out the most powerful tools, techniques, skills, and strategies for creating changes in people quickly, easily, and permanently: that’s what my life is about and that’s why I’m speaking to you today.

Somebody once asked me about the moment that changed my life. I answer that the moment that changed my life was when I decided to change my life and I was prepared to do whatever it took. And here’s a critical defining characteristic that I’ve found be a common denominator among all truly successful people: they’re willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed. If you’re in a situation that you don’t like, you have to have the commitment to do whatever it takes to follow your heart – and to me that’s what life is about. And the biggest commitment that you can possibly make to yourself (that which will change your life immediately because your life changes the moment you make a congruent and committed decision) is the commitment to follow your dreams, to make them come true, to live an extraordinary life; that’s when you truly live a magical life. And realize that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather it’s the realization that there’s something more important than the fear. That’s the point you must reach if you want to have a breakthrough in any area of your life. You see, any challenge you might have always comes down to fear; such as “Can I really pull this off?” “Am I good enough?”... it’s always fear that prevents us from stepping up and making our life the true expression of our soul.


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