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How to Hit Your Groundstrokes Deeper


How to Hit Your Groundstrokes Deeper

In This Video, You'll Learn How to Hit Your Groundstrokes Deeper, So You can Keep Your Opponents ON the Defensive!

We know depth is key on our groundstrokes… at least most of the time, there will be times where hitting the ball short ON PURPOSE can be beneficial.

That’s another topic for another video.

But to really control a baseline rally, having the ability to hit the ball deep is a good thing, right? Right! So how do we do that. Well, first we need to understand the tools that we have at our disposal in order to do that. And on any given shot those tools are: power, we have direction (or height over the net in this case) and we have spin. And those are all going to intermingle and create the shape of your shot, the path that the ball takes from your racket to the other side of the net.

Make sense?

Ok, so if your balls are landing short, then what’s happening one of the elements that we just mentioned is out of whack. Our ratio of power to spin to height is out of balance, it’s giving us the wrong shape, causing the ball to land short. For example, maybe you have plenty of height over the net… but you have so much topspin on the ball and not enough power behind it, that the ball just dips straight down into the service box. Or maybe you’ve got a good amount of power, good amount of spin, but you’re hitting the ball 6 inches over the net, and it’s landing short. So what we really want to do is learn how to control these 3 factors, kind of mix and match the ratio of power, spin, and height to create the shot that you want to hit.

Let’s start with power, and I’ve made a ton of videos on groundstroke power on this channel that you can check out, and I’ll link to them in the description. But what’s one thing you can do immediately to get more power on your strokes? Well I’ll give you two. #1 is to nail down your contact point.

And if you’ve watched any of my videos, you know that contact point to be the 45 degree angle into the court. If you haven’t watched that video yet, I’ll link it right here. So you want to be at the 45 degree angle into the court, hitting the sweet spot of the racket.

The second way to get more power on your shot is simply to relax your hand a little bit… just release some of that grip tension that we all have… because it’s robbing your stroke of power by creating resistance to the movement of your racket through space. There’s power in the frame and strings of your racket, we just have to stop creating so much resistance that we use through muscle tension to let it move freely. Next let’s look at Height over the net… there’s two ways to control that one primary way, and one kind of supporting way. What’s going to have the most influence over the height of your shot is going to be the angle of your racket face at contact. So, all things being equal, if you want to have more height, just open your racket face slightly, turn the doorknob a little bit at contact, that will make the ball go higher.

The other way to create more height is with your swing path… and this is also the way to influence your spin… a little bit more low to high, will give you a little more lift of the ball… which will also create more topspin. and a little more high to low, will give your ball backspin, and in general keep the ball lower. So now that we know these factors, it’s just about experimenting with them. If we want a ball to land say in no man’s land… kind of halfway between the service line and the baseline, one way to do it, and a very CONSISTENT way to do this, is to hit a ball with moderate power, good net clearance and a good amount of topspin. One of my teachers Robert Lansdorp who coached Sampras and Sharapova called this the academy ball… and the reason is… if you can hit this repeatedly… you’ll have a GREAT foundation to build on.

So what I’m going to do is just grab a basket of balls, drop a few out in front of me, and see if I can hit the ball with a good amount of power, good height over the net, and a good amount of topspin. Let’s see how we do!

Not too bad… now from here, you can continue doing drop feeds, or you can turn on the ball machine, hit the wall or get a practice partner out to hit some with you. In the meantime thanks so much for watching this video, I had a great time making it for you… if you found it helpful do me a favor and click the like button, let me know in the comments what topic you’d like me to cover, and don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss any future lessons.